My work

Yammer, an enterprise social network that is part of Microsoft 365: Improved engagement & retention of new users by triggering behavior change based on insights from psychology & behavioral economics

RWE SmartHome – now: Livisi SmartHome, a home automation platform: Made home automation easy to use by launching apps across desktop, web & mobile

Business Apps, a wide variety of business apps: Increased the demand for Microsoft Azure cloud services by designing apps with strategic partners, i.e. BASF, Boehringer Ingelheim, Daimler, European Patent Office, Metro, Volksbank, W├╝rth

SAP Business Suite, apps for ERP & CRM: Improved the adoption of Windows tablets by guiding a globally distributed team of SAP designers to bring the most popular SAP apps from iOS to Windows

Bing Maps Platform – now: Azure Maps, a cloud service for maps: Showed the benefits of combining geographic & socio-economic data for retail store site selection

Glucolytics, a mobile app that uses machine learning to predict blood sugar (joint project with IBM): Established a user-centered approach in the project as the UX Lead working with 3 designers

Accu-Chek SugarView, a mobile app for people in emerging markets to measure blood sugar with the camera: Tested and improved the desirability of the idea by conducting field studies in Kenia, South Africa and India

Das Lab, an innovation lab in Berlin by the global product design team: Founded a lab that demonstrated the value of running design sprints & co-creating with patients

Diabetes Storyboarding Kit: Published additional elements for the storyboarding kit as open source in order to support the design process (read more)

Accu-Chek Solo, a small tube-free insulin pump worn as a patch directly on the body: Accompanied the user interface implementation for a touchscreen handheld to control the insulin pump

mySugr Pump Control, an addition to the mySugr mobile app that allows to safely control an insulin pump (class IIb medical device): Designed the significant new experience from the first sketches to the successful launch

mySugr Logbook, a mobile app that makes life with diabetes easier for more than 4 million users: Redesigned how medical devices can be connected with the app, which increased the success rate of the first attempt from 73% to 83%

Diabetes Empathy Challenge: Created an immersive learning experience that enables employees to build up more empathy with customers by walking in their shoes for 24 hrs