mySugr Pump Control

A module for the popular mySugr mobile app that allows to safely control an insulin pump (class 2b medical device): Designed the significant new module from the first sketches to the successful launch.

Accu-Chek SugarView

A mobile app by Roche Diabetes Care for people in emerging markets to measure blood sugar with the camera: Tested and improved the desirability of the idea by conducting field studies in Kenia, South Africa and India.

Microsoft Yammer

An enterprise social network that is part of Microsoft 365: Increased engagement & retention of new users by triggering behavior change based on insights from psychology & behavioral economics.

Accu-Chek Glucolytics

A mobile app by Roche Diabetes Care and IBM that uses artificial intelligence to predict blood sugar: Established a user-centered approach in the project as the UX Lead working with 3 designers.

RWE SmartHome

A home automation platform by the energy company RWE and Microsoft (now: Livisi SmartHome): Made home automation easy to use by launching apps across desktop, web & mobile.

mySugr Diabetes Logbook

A mobile app that makes life with diabetes easier for > 3 million users: Redesigned how medical devices can be connected with the app, which increased the success rate of the first attempt from 73% to 83%.

Das Lab

An innovation lab in Berlin by the global product design team of Roche Diabetes Care: Founded a lab that demonstrated the value of running design sprints & co-creating with patients.

Accu-Chek Solo Insulin Pump

A small tube-free insulin pump by Roche Diabetes Care worn as a patch directly on the body: Accompanied the user interface implementation for a touchscreen handheld to control the insulin pump.

Diabetes Storyboarding Kit

A diabetes add-on for the storyboarding kit Scenes by SAP and Roche Diabetes Care: Published additional elements for the storyboarding kit as open source in order to support the design process.

SAP Apps on Windows

Apps for ERP & CRM by SAP and Microsoft: Improved the adoption of Windows tablets by guiding a globally distributed team of SAP designers to bring the most popular SAP apps from iOS to Windows.

Bing Maps for Enterprise

A cloud service for maps by Microsoft (now: Azure Maps): Showed the benefits of combining geographic & socio-economic data for retail store site selection.

Business Apps

A big variety of business apps by Microsoft and strategic partners: Increased the demand for Microsoft Azure cloud services by designing apps with BASF, Boehringer Ingelheim, Daimler, European Patent Office, Metro, Volksbank, W├╝rth and others.